A contemporary and urban artist who draws inspiration from the icons who cradled his youth. Flog provides a color wave scheme that represents the tumultuous and fleeting impressions of life.

Born in Cholet in 1984, Florian discovered a passion for drawing from an early age, so it was only natural that he began studying graphic design at the Pivaut Nantes school and made it his profession.

From illustration to the publishing world, he has always found his balance with the production of works whatever the medium. Inspired by graffiti and pop culture, his mixed technique, aerosol spray, acrylic and oil on road sign or canvas, reveals precision in gesture and detail. The backgrounds, reflections and the games of transparency confirm this to us.

Beyond the technique, his artistic universe is subtle, romantic, dreamlike, sarcastic somewhat disturbing. The context of the scene is just as important as the subject represented. It's up to us, according to our sensibilities, to recreate this story that needs no words.