Australian artist Ben Frost presents irreverent Pop Art paintings, prints and merchandise that satirize contemporary consumer culture. He exhibit his artworks all over the world and he made different types of collaboration, such as the one with Moschino and Jeremy Scott.


    Born in 1987, Onemizer had his first encounter with art in Africa. After moving back to France he discovered the graffiti of the Paris’s streets. His artistic approach consists in trying to convey the sense of street art into the living room: his dream is to bring the streets into homes!


    Chris RWK is an American contemporary artist born in 1977 and raised in New York. His principal subjects are robots, transported in a universe full of popular culture references, with colorful cityscapes and figurative wonders.

    Murmure Street is a French street artist duo composed of Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roché. “Clochards”, childhood, the consumer and contemporary society are among their favorite subjects, realized mixing a surrealism effect and a hyper realistic graphic signature.
  • BJOR

    Bjor Grønner (1997) is a Norwegian self-taught urban and contemporary artist. His creative artworks, characterized by contrasts between monochrome figures and vibrant colors, invite the viewer to explore their own reality and imagination. 


    Born in 1991, Andrew Scott is a conceptual American artist, best known for his broken glass technique.

    Kurar, born in 1983 in France (Clermont-Ferrand), is a stencil artist whose work often addresses complex social issues such as post-urbanization, climate change, terrorism, and violence in local and global terms.

  • FAKE

    FAKE, stage name of Manuel Seikritt, was born in 1980 in Amsterdam and he is one of the most famous Dutch street artists. He uses stencils to create a unique style and signature, trying to make other people smile with his irony.


    Javier Calleja was born in Málaga, 1971 and completed bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Granada University in 2000. Before he completed his artistic training at the age of 31 he was a gymnastics athlete training for the Olympics.

    Fabio Saturnino da Silva, best known as Salmos, was born in 1987 in São Paulo Brazil and is a famous street artist. In his pieces he puts together the lettering used for the graffiti and iconic cartoon characters. 


    Born in 1979 and growing up in the countryside in Germany. For his name, he made a wordplay with “kunst”=art and “rasen”=speeding in German. His style, with mainstream cultural references, play with cutting satire and the peculiar techniques.



    Silvestre Santiago, alias Pejac, is a Spanish artist born in Santander in 1977. Pejac creates provocative and humorous street art. His artworks often employ trompe-l’oeil techniques and twists on familiar imagery to communicate powerful messages regarding social and environmental issues.