Murmure Street is a French street artist duo composed of Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roché. First met during their studies at the Fine Arts school, they share the same interest for drawing and street art. The duo starts his career in 2010 covering the walls with drawn murales under the name of Murmure Street.  

The artists abolish the boundaries between art and communication. In their art these two disciplines continually interact with each other.

Their porpoise is to create playful, dreamlike, and poetical artworks dialoging with the urban environment around them. Behinds their artworks there’s always a deeper message, sharing their vision of the world, but leaving the viewer free to interpret them as they wish.  

In their studio, working with four hands, they realize amazing and unique masterpieces using different techniques and different materials: free hand painting, stencil, drawing with acrylic, spray paint, graphite pencil, etc.

“Clochards”, childhood, the consumer and contemporary society are among their favorite subjects, realized mixing a surrealism effect and a hyper realistic graphic signature.