The artist Onemizer was born in 1987 in the South of France. His first encounter with art was in Africa, where he spent part of his childhood. After moving back to France he discovered the graffiti of the Paris’s streets. Later he got used to going to vacant lots, railroad yards and disused warehouses where he painted hidden from public view.

After high school, he started to study art in a design school, and people close to him encouraged him to paint on canvas or on walls to show his work in luxury hotels, restaurants, or bars.

Onemizer had his first exhibitions in Bordeaux and in Paris and, after that, he started to exhibit in many international art galleries.

Onemizer draws his inspiration from iconic works of art, especially from pop artist such as Basquiat and Warhol, and from what he can observe in his everyday life, not forgetting what he experienced as a child.

​Using a wide range of techniques (spray paint, stencils, drawings, etc.), he developed different styles, combining graffiti, tags, drippings and a multitude of colors.

His artistic approach consists in trying to convey the sense of street art into the living room: his dream is to bring the streets into homes!