Frank Shepard Fairey (born February 15, 1970 in Charleston) is an American artist and illustrator. The son of a doctor and a real estate agent, Fairey grew up in South Carolina, studied art and graduated from the Academy of Art in 1988. In 1989 he conceived and implemented the Andre the Giant Has a Posse initiative; he scatters the walls of the city with stickers that reproduce the face of wrestler André the Giant; the same were then replicated by other artists in other cities.
  • KAWS

    Donnelly was born in 1974 in Jersey City, New Jersey where he attended St. Anthony High School. As a teenager, he painted his tag "KAWS" on the roof of an area building so that he could see it outside while attending class in high school.

    A profoundly proactive and environmentally engaged artist, Louis Masai’s work touches on poignant endangerment issues, questioning relationships between humans, wildlife and the planets biodiversity.

    PichiAvo is a renowned graffiti duo from Spain that produces a spectacular explosion of fresh colors and impressions. They create breathtaking figurative detail and quality. Their work is very striking and always commands the spectator’s full attention.  Pichi and Avo mix their own studies degree in their work design and fine arts.

    Fin DAC, is an Irish painter from Cork known for his depictions of Eurasian women. His passion for art started at an early age, just before he left Ireland to settle in London where he spent most of his life. Over the years, Fin DAC has managed to develop a unique style he calls « urban aesthetics ».


    Martin Whatson is a Norwegian street-art artist best known for his calligraphic graffiti on a grayscale basis. Over the past decade, Martin has developed a unique aesthetic combining abstract movement and stencil figurative compositions.