Jameson Robinson started painting bricks in 2014 for fun. 

In 2015 he decided to paint a brick per week, arriving to 2016 with 52 bricks and a show. From then on, he started painting other unsuspecting objects as a therapy and as a way of giving life to the unexpected.

According to Jameson "‘Bricks and mortar’ has become a symbolic phrase in terms of permanence and making roots. ‘Another brick in the wall’ has been a way of underlining the monotony or voicelessness of repetition. The London brick is a strong and enduring symbol of urban life. It has rough or smooth surfaces and is functional in its form, but it has a simplistic beauty that belies its strength and consistency. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

As time passed by, he was mostly painting penguins as subjects of his artpieces: firstly on bricks, then on wood little panels and canvas. 

Today, Jameson Robinson is known for his ability of portraiting penguins in order to pinpoint enviromental facts and urgency and other main topics that are crucial in our present time.