Stathis Alexopoulos is a contemporary sculptor born on 1976 in Athens Greece, where he currently lives and works.

He studied Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of Tinos and he graduated at the Fine Art School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He won many awards in Greece and he collaborated with numerous companies, as Vodafone and Redbull, to promote their advertising campaigns.

His pieces can be found in major museum art shops, galleries and private collections. His public work creations decorate many big Municipalities of Greece and abroad. 

Stathis sculptures are crisscrossed with straps that hug the overall shape, be it a horse head, a heart or a Venus de Milo.

They appear mysterious and intriguing because viewers project their own ideas of why the straps are there in the first place.

His sculptures combine modern aesthetic with the values of classical sculpture. He works mainly with resin and his artworks are characterized by vibrant and powerful colors.

Alexopoulos integrates the art of sculpture with the trends of contemporary design and he is known for using Yves Klein Blue, a color that he finds stimulating and inspiring.