Harry Greb is an Italian street artist who is based in Rome since his young age. He started by creating graphic designs and he later decided to become a full and indipendent artist by mixing techniques. Harry Greb, who has recently turned 40, defines himself as a " creative " who one day decided to use the street and the walls of the buildings in the city to "frame " his art.

Harry Greb works that have marked times and events: Raggi and Zingaretti that " swing " on the waste of Rome, the one on the Coronavirus Pandemic, the depictions of disappeared artists such as Ennio Morricone honored in his Trastevere or Gigi Proietti at the Tufello. The latter is so loved by citizens that they have chosen to protect it with plexiglass glass.

Harry Greb's aesthetic aims to send a powerful message about modern times, he depicts images of major social issues and thanks to those he creates emotions, gets memories back to life and teases opinions.