PEZ ,Pierre Yves Riveau, is an Illustrator, painter and graphic designer.The prodigious street artist was influenced at a young age by graffiti and hip hop culture and later a whole host of artists such as Klimpt, Magritte, Escher and Dali, Banksy, Kaws, Bua, Proch, Etam Cru and many more. Pez works to a rather unconventional process, the majority of the time Pez works 100% from his imagination and sometimes the process serves the idea and not the contrary. His smaller sketches, with graphite crayons take 6 to 10 hours and larger works can take anywhere from 40 – 60 hours, sometimes much more depending on the piece. Pez adds a deliberate element of imperfection into his works to ensure that the works aren’t just aesthetic. In the nineties, he was doing throw-ups, later he worked as a professional illustrator and continued to take inspiration from graffiti as well as contemporary artists when he started out as a professional artist. Today, he is renown internationally for his precise drawing skills, humorous subjects matter and detailed content. His works have become highly collectible worldwide.



questo lavoro rappresenta la serie di pixel, creata da Pez, Realizzata per la mostra personale di PEZ a Londra chiamata "LIFE".