Stefan Thelen, better known by his moniker Super A, is a Dutch street artist who blends urban methods, graphic design and traditional painting techniques to give life to work that evolves out of his personal experiences and thoughts.Stefan portrays super A as his anti superhero alter ego. This became an opportunity to channelling some of his strong feelings of confusion through the moniker of Super A to express some feelings that Stefan may have been unsure of post-graduation from the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam. Soon after, Super A began expressing himself through the medium of street techniques, becoming more popular for his astonishingly realistic images of dreamy and surreal environments that consist of stories with metaphorical contexts, strong social communication and harsh criticism of world politics, with areas of profound humour.His pictorial narratives appear to have an existence between the fictitious and non-fictitious world. The structure of Stefan’s topics come to life due to his experiences with the world and a are then filtered through the alter ego of Super A.